• handmade authenticity

    All our leather products are hand cut, hand sewn individually to bring out the best authentic personalized product, all made in Indonesia.

    a different canvas

    We always try to find various canvas for our creative productivity, why not custom phone case ?

    Custom orders

    Want to start your own brand or leather goods business? Or produce goods for your company? We've got you covered amigos...

    productive nation

    We believe that Indonesia as a nation has yet to tap the potential creative and productive that it has. And we'll help show it to the world for sure !

  • Our product categories

    These are our current range of products right now.

    Leather Wallets

    All Genuine Leather Only

    We create modern urban compact design wallets with a rustic ruggedness touch with our own bare hands.

    Printed Phone Case

    Alloy or Acrylic Based

    We could print whatever our imagination could bring on these blank canvas... We mean ANYTHING.

    Custom Goods

    Let's Create Something New !!

    An idea is worth nothing unless it's made a reality.. Let us help you create reality !

  • Who we are

    If we're on the same journey, hop along !!

    The Team

    It's about doing something that we love

    We're a bunch of aficionado's of great quality goods who are in pursue of creating nothing less of that level. That's what started our entrepreneurship life to this day and kept us going !

    The Motive

    It's how we do things rather then what we achieve

    Our motive is to create a fair working field in Indonesia, creating great authentic Indonesian goods for the world and show that good business ethics would help us go far in today's industry.

  • let's reach out and connect !

    We're eager to collaborate, create a project or simply grab a bite together !!

  • email Us

    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.